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I have heard many times from planning inspectors, government spokes persons, school governors and appointed representatives that illnesses from microwave transmitters are usually based on anecdotal evidence from selective research causing anxiety and psychosomatic disorders.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I suggest that these decision makers read the documents of the NRPB (04) which

states....."account should be taken not only of peer reviewed papers but also of non

peer reviewed and anecdotal evidence." Appendix H p. 101. NB. All studies start from anecdotal evidence, e.g. smoking, alcohol, asbestos, BSE and aids.

Similarly, according to the WHO 80% of their epidemiological data on microwave transmitters show illnesses ranging from microwave sickness to a fourfold increase in cancers. That is 8 out of 10 research papers ~ hardly selective. It is not difficult to find the sponsors of the remaining research papers which show this communications industry in good light.

My argument with evidence follows.

All these transmitters emit microwaves. I will look at general microwave problems first and then specific problems regarding Wi-fi.

During the Cold War the Russian Embassy in Moscow micro waved the American Embassy from across the road. After many changes of staff for cancers to both male and female employees and their children, the late Professor Goldsmith was invited to investigate this matter. His report showed that continuous long term low level microwaves were responsible for those illnesses. John Goldsmith held 11 Professorships and was the WHO representative for Europe. Interestingly the power of the microwaves used by the Russians is in some cases less that the power used by modern day transmitters.i [1]ii

After an extensive study the US Defence Intelligence Agency warned all of its personnel of the risk from low level microwaves. Illnesses ranging from microwave sickness (flu like symptoms, depression, suicidal tendencies) to cancers and leukaemia. xliv [2]

As soon as ordinary microwave transmitters became common place residents started to complain of illnesses and cancer clusters. Independent researcher Sue Webster took data from just 19 transmitters and found approx 92 cancers (breast, thyroid, bowel, leukaemia) the average age of those affected was roughly 39. iii[3]

In June 2000 Professor Cherry investigated this issue and presented his evidence to the parliaments of New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Ireland and the EU. He warned of significant illnesses and death from these microwaves. iv[4]

Following a spate of illnesses in their surgeries, a group of doctors produced the FREIBURGER APPEAL. It is a warning to decision makers concerning illnesses from low level microwaves. It was singed by 36990 signatories of which approx 3000 were doctors, consultants and scientists. v[5]

At this time:

• 47 cancer clusters were reported around schools in Spain; vi[6]

• Approx. 138 clusters of cancers and other illnesses (miscarriages, brain, breast and teachers ill) were reported internationally; vii[7] (Again schools)

• 165 die in Osafia; viii[8]

• Scientists like Wolf and Wolf (2004) and Eger et al. (2004) carried out epidemiological studies around transmitters over many years. Their conclusion was a threefold increase of cancers within a 400 m radius of transmitters, for breast cancer a tenfold increase was found. ix[9]

• D. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam, the originator of a further doctors’ appeal, this time in the German city of Bamberg, wrote an open letter expressing her concern to the Prime Minister of Bavaria. x[10]

• Hutter (2006) showed sleeping problems and cognitive performance decline for residents near transmitters; xi[11]

• Other scientists such as Gandhi Gursatej, a group of Flemish paediatricians, Dr. HaJs from Germany and the Colorado State University warn of genetic damage and brain tumours from transmitters;xii [12]

• The Nobel Prize winning Irish Doctors Association listed 70 research papers showing the dangers from low level microwaves. Dr. Santini listed 20 similar studies, the EM. Radiation Research Trust listed 9 studies, Dr. Blackwell listed 6 similar studies in his report and finally 4 international universities completed the Spanish Study which verified all of these known illnesses. The authors of the Spanish study (The Microwave Syndrome-Further Aspects of a Spanish Study 2004) recommended a level of radiation 100 million times below our maximum level. 10 million below ICNIRP. Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, one of the authors of the study, is the Director of the Public Health Office in Salzburg, Austria, which lowered its precautionary value for indoor exposures to GSM frequencies to comply with the recommendation made by the study. ; xiii[13]

• Published in the Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Hallberg and Johansson studied a country before and after radio transmitters were introduced. (Cancer Trends during the 20th Century, 2002). They found increased cancers (breast, bladder, prostate, lung, colon). Their conclusion was that this was due to the introduction of FM radio frequencies. Both these professors also produced a report showing that they believed this radiation also contributed to skin cancer;xiv [14]

• 2 very recent studies have shown that people underneath the transmitter (i.e. transmitter on the roof) suffer neurobehavioral problems (headache, memory changes, tremors, depression, sleep disturbance and neuropsychiatric problems). I mention this because children often sit underneath their transmitters, which can be on the wall of a classroom. Also problems can arise where damage occurs to the formation of the foetus; xv[15] (Female teachers)

• Professor Cherry published a list of dose related illnesses; xvi[16]

• Doctors Monnet, Ruz and Gautier published mechanisms showing how microwaves cause these illnesses;xvii [17]

• Permanent low level microwave exposure induces chronic nitrosative and oxidative stress (Warnke 2005xviii). It is known that chronic nitrosative/oxidative stress damages the mitochondria, the “powerhouses” of each cell in the body. Mitochondropathy is at the root of many of today’s chronic illnesses, such as MS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Artherosclerosis and Obesity. (Kuklinsli 2004xix). Even more disturbingly, when chronic nitrosative and oxidative stress is present, irreversible mitochondrial DNA damage will occur sooner or later (see also Kuklinski 2004 and Kremer 2003). The mitochondrial DNA is ten times more susceptible to nitrosative / oxidative stress than the DNA in the cell nucleus. Whilst regular cell DNA has in-built repair mechanisms, mitochondrial DNS is irreparable due to its low histone proteine content. The mitochondropathy is therefore irreversibly transmitted to the children by the maternal egg cell causing cumulative irreparable damage to future generations.

Electrical sensitivity has now been recognised by some countries. Sweden claims that above 3% of its population is sensitive to microwaves. The WHO acknowledges this condition and the most recent country to announce this is Canada. The significance of this condition for children is that approx. 3 % of the pupils and those working near transmitters may develop ES. xx[18]

80% of the epidemiological studies on the WHO database show everything from sickness (microwave syndrome) to a fourfold increase in cancers from low level microwaves. I was curious to investigate the remaining 20% which showed no symptoms. However this had already been looked at by Swiss scientists who said "the interpretation of results ... should take sponsorship into account". Michael Meacher Minister for the Environment 1997-2003 published a report blaming some universities for accepting lucrative contracts in favour of reporting favourable results from scientific research. In the same month US Congressman Henry Waxman published a similar report in Scientific American stating that science was being corrupted by industry.xxi [19]


I must stress that a legal expert be contacted concerning legal matters. I am not legally trained. Such an expert would be consultant Alan Mayer of Horsey Lightly Fynn (02072228844). Possibly the most misquoted safety level is the ICNIRP certificate. It actually recommends that care be taken for children and the sick, who may have a lower tolerance for microwaves. Also decision makers should review current scientific literature and determine an appropriate reduction factor of power. In other words decision makers should look at scientific research and set safety levels below what is known to cause illness. Are the School Governors doing this?xxii

Legal guidance should be sought concerning PPG8 paras. 29 & 30, articles 6 & 8 of the EU Convention on Human Rights and United Nations UN22 standard rules on the equalisation of opportunities for persons; re Wifi masts in/near schools and sensitive children.

Appeal decision APP/U1105/A/04/1137356 where Mr. Jarvis refused a transmitter owing to the likely effects on the health of the local population. This could apply to transmitters in classrooms.xxiii

Para. 41 22nd Oct 2003 Mr. Justice Richards in Jodie Phillips v First Secretary of State re. the positioning of a transmitter. xxiv Again should antennae be in classrooms?

Case Az60b69/Olt 26th Apr 2001 Austrian High Court of Justice where Wulf Dietrich Rose proved for his third case that microwave radiation represents serious health risks to nearby populations (tumours, genetic problems, deformity of newborns).xxv [20]

MP's have tried many times to advise parliament of cancer clusters around transmitters. In one case there were 11 children under the age of 11 with leukaemia.xxvi This is the 4th cluster to my knowledge. I wonder whether the Children's Actxxvii could be used to prevent illnesses to children [21] or keep Wi-fi from schools.


A common misconception is that as Wi-fi uses a small transmitter, such a low dose of radiation must be harmless. In fact, a classroom of computers could exceed the power from an ordinary mobile phone transmitter. As shown earlier there are now many studies showing illnesses from these transmitters, even confirmed by the WHO.

The above point was also made in the BBC Panorama Programme ‘Wi-Fi: a warning signal’, in which Sir William Stewart, the Chairman of the Health Protection Agency, warned that WHO advice on the issue was incorrect and called for an urgent review.

The programme can still be viewed online.xxviii

Children are particularly susceptible to microwaves because:

i. They have immature immune systems;

ii. They have soft bones (there is research to show that stem cells in the bone

marrow can absorb microwaves (Cherry 1998));

iii. They can act as aerials due to their size.

I believe the most important research I have read is from Dr. Goldsworthy (2007). Dr. Goldsworthy not only shows the mechanism by which microwaves disrupt cells but predicts that a genetically damaged sperm and egg can lead to mutant offspring maybe generations away. If you think of children with these transmitters near their laps, the question must be..... Why take this risk for the sake of a piece of wire and a plug?

Published Concerns re. Wi-fi

i. Dr. Goldsworthy; xxix[22]

ii. Warning on health and fertility; xxx[23]

iii. Health dangers from wireless laptops; xxxi[24]

iv. New Zealand show concern; xxxii[25]

v. Teachers demand enquiry; xxxiii[26]

vi. Primary school moves mast after children sick; xxxiv[27]

vii. 20 mins on mobile phone = 1 hour in classroom with 20 pc's;xxxv [28]

viii. Times: 'Wi-fi poses health risk to children'; xxxvi [29]

ix. Doctor lists symptoms of low level microwave illness and sends it to his PM

(Germany); xxxvii[30]

x. Paediatricians claim microwaves cause illness (brain disorder) ~ the question

here is: What is the modulation (pulsing) frequency of the laptops these

children are using?xxxviii [31]

N.B. this interests me because when I was de-briefing spies involved in stealth microwave warfare, I learned a list of approx. 30 frequencies which could induce some 50 mental and physical ailments by entrainment.

I have always predicted that any school which allows itself to be 'bathed' in microwaves from whatever source will see it's sickness rise and behaviour fall. I have received many phone calls to confirm this.

xi. Normal function of brain disrupted by microwaves; xxxix[32]

xii. Warning of antennae on brain development of children; xl[33]

xiii. TES: Teachers claim to suffer from Wi-fi. xliAlso no insurance for schools; [34]

xiv. Some schools dismantle Wi-fi (Times); xlii[35]

xv. Mobile companies hide Wi-fi masts from public and refuse to cooperate; xliii[36]


With all of this evidence pointing to mental, physical and long term disorders (cancers ~ mutant newborns) is this honestly worth the risk to our next generations for the sake of just a few metres of wire and a plug.

As shown, the dangers of low level, below thermal microwaves have been known to governments for 50 years. I was educated in microwave technology by the Military in the early 1960's. Even then we were instructed of these dangers. Nothing has changed to suddenly make microwaves safe.

A Simple Question

If a drink was reported in the 1950's to cause cancer. Countless reports and studies since showed this hypotheses to be correct. The WHO print a list of an 80% likelihood of illness/cancer from drinking it. International studies confirm this. Would you give this to your child to drink, knowing they have their whole lives ahead of them?

So what is the difference? It is simple. This product is backed and financed by the most powerful industry on the planet. An industry which does not have to show its product is safe (unlike a drug company). You have to show this product is not safe and that is a very different ball game both legally and economically.

It seems few are prepared to stand against such a Goliath in defence of our children.

B. Trower

Scientific Advisor Radiation Research Trust and H.E.S.E

Author of the Tetra Report for the Police Federation of England and Wales

Author of the Critical Overview in to the death of Officer Dring

Mr. Trower's CV can be obtained from the front page of his address to the Welsh Parliament 3rd Oct. 2006

Edited and annotated by Andrea Klein

Translator and researcher h.e.s.e.-UK

i Iris Atzmon on John Goldsmiths’ papers


ii Appendix 1(3) online source : Environmental Health Perspectives


iii Sue Webster was quoted in Canceractive’s ICON magazine in January 2003 article


'Sue Webster, a psychotherapist and nutritionist, is the first and only
person to collect evidence from all the 14 UK clusters and visit homes with
an AcousticOM instrument that translates pulsing EMRs into noise. "When I
started out I expected the microwave power levels would be higher in places
where there were a lot of cancers. I have visited hundreds of houses and
found that this is not the case. It's the pulsing that is far more intense
in these houses. My first experience of violent pulsing was in three
Gainsborough houses where four people had cancer. You could hardly hear
yourself speak. These houses were directly opposite and about 100 metres
from a mast which was installed seven years ago with six antennas and two
microwave dishes." There are six other cases of cancer within 200 metres,
including 10 year-old Ryan Petch who has non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and a 30
year old currently in remission from leukaemia.'

vi http://omega.twoday.net/stories/555926/, scroll down for cluster listing

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http://www.avaate.org/IMG/pdf/paper_amancio.pdf full study

xx http://www.chrc-ccdp.ca/pdf/envsensitivity_en.pdf, see p.46 for Electromagnetic radiation and fields

xxvii http://www.fnf.org.uk/chact/chact3.htm , Children’s Act, Part 3, Section 17

xxx Goldsworthy email to Bioelectromagnetic Society after his Newsnight Interview 4 May 2007:-


"Hello All,

I was asked as a scientist to give a recorded interview for a BBC "Newsnight" programme on the safety of Wi-Fi in schools. I was subjected to hostile questioning (which I expected) but I was surprised to find that they were not at all interested in the science. The official line in the UK seems to be that there are no known mechanisms that can explain any deleterious effects on health and they would prefer not to have their views disturbed by scientific facts.

When I pointed out in the interview that there was now firm scientific evidence of serious effects on health and fertility from mobile phones (which share similar technologies with Wi-Fi) and some of this could be related to experimentally proven damage to DNA, the interview was brought to an abrupt end. I was escorted politely to my waiting taxi and advised that very little of the interview would be broadcast.

Instead the bulk of the science slot in the programme was given over to "scientists" offering soothing words about how little danger Wi-Fi presented because the signal level was lower than that from mobile phones. But to say that Wi-Fi is safe just because the signal is lower than that from mobile phones is meaningless unless they can also specify what a safe level is, and they have not established this. Despite this serious omission, they went on to say that any research to discover the health risks from Wi-Fi "should be given a very low priority.

So there we have it, it is down to our non-consenting children to act as guinea pigs to test the technology in the class room. The proposal by Lawrie Challis that the effects on their health may be monitored offers no comfort to their parents.

If anyone reading this wants to have a more detailed scientific explanation of how weak electromagnetic fields affect living organisms, it can be found at tinyurl . It is free for any member of the public to download and copy as many times as they want.

Best wishes


xl Opening of the blood brain barrier http://omega.twoday.net/20061116/

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