It is a sorry state of affairs when the HPA - who are supposed to be protecting us - the Public - from harm is instead protecting vested interests and in doing so putting the Public in harms way.


The latest round of this is as follows. 
"Mobile phones: 'Still no evidence of harm to health'
By Jane Hughes Health correspondent, BBC News
There is still no evidence mobile phones harm human health, says a major safety review for the UK's Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Scientists looked at hundreds of studies of mobile exposure and found no conclusive links to cancer risk, brain function or infertility.

However, they said monitoring should continue because little was known about long-term effects.

The HPA said children should still avoid excessive use of mobiles."


Headlines like this may be down to the fact that this area of science can be quite complex or because no one wants to believe that mobiles can be harmful as they are perceived as being so useful and many businesses now run on them.

However this does not make a difference to the truth on adverse health effects.

There are 1000's of scientific studies but the official reports simply ignore them in their analyses as has been seen today by the HPA's sudden release of its report.

It is important to realise what is going on behind the scenes and the timing of this HPA report release is also significant.

Last year the WHO (IARC committee) convened a meeting of 31 scientists to review the evidence on mobiles and brain tumours. They concluded that there is enough evidence to categorise the microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones as a class 2B carcinogen

This decision was based on the industry's own studies and independent studies show an even higher increased risk for heavy users (those who use a mobile/cordless phone for more than 1/2hr per day for 10 years).

A few months after this the industry re-released reviewed a analysis on a Danish study showing 'no risk'. This was splashed across all the papers.
However this Danish study was a cohort study (not case controlled) and therefore included a huge number of people so it was billed as being the 'largest study ever' It looked at mobile users pre 1995. It omitted the heavy users (some 30%). It included people who use a cordless landline as non users; we could continue...
The study was basically fundamentally flawed but the media reported it verbatim, as was the intent. This re-release was purely to downplay the WHO decision.

Last weekend was World EMF Action Day.

This week there is a conference on Childhood cancer in London.

At this meeting they are hearing from the head of IARC on the class 2B classification  and also how brain tumours are now the number one cancer killer of people under 35. They are increasing at the rate of 2% a year.

The timing of today's report release from the HPA is sad but typical of how they are downplaying the risks.

The EU have taken quite a different stand

As has the French Government who have banned mobile phone use for under 15's in French schools.

Industry and government scientists tow the 'no risk' line as if their careers depend upon it.