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WE THE UNDERSIGNED call upon the UK Government to unify the permission process for mobile phone and TETRA installations in order that there is clarity and transparency within the decision making process, in order that:

  • The concerns of local communities on health are fully taken into account within each stage of the decision making process;
  • That there be a single process for deciding all installations which allows the full participation of local communities affected by the procedure;
  • That all installations approved by the process known as 'Licence Notification' (no planning permission) be revoked;
  • That all installations on church property are decided by the civil planning authority;
  • That guidance is given enabling greater use of the existing process under s97 and s102 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, for the revocation of permission, or the discontinuance of the use of a site for telecommunication purposes, in order to enable the removal of those installations in sensitive locations.

We also call upon the UK Government to listen to the many renowned scientific voices warning them of the Human disaster that will occur very soon if the erection of these masts in residential areas is not curtailed.

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