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Cancer Clusters Around Mobile Telephone Masts
For years the Government and local Councils have been warned by many eminent Independent Scientists (and very many campaigners) about Cancer Clusters around and by mobile phone masts. As usual these warnings have been ignored by the Industry, most Councils and Government. At last they have been reported in the mainstream media - the Sunday Times on 22/04/2007. [Read the article here ]

Wi-fi Fears
Wi-fi (or WLAN or wireless networking) carries the same health risks as Mobile Telephone Masts. It uses the same microwave technology that Mobile Telephone Masts do. The health risks have also been ignored by Industry and Government. At last it too has been prominently reported in the mainstream media in this case The Independent on Sunday of 22/04/2007. [Read the article here ]

Wi-fi for All - Whether you want it or Not!
Some UK towns and cities such as the City, Norwich and Brighton are beginning to have Wi-fi installed town or city-wide with their routers attached to lamp-posts, so you have the microwave radiation bombarding you 24/7 whether you want it or not - much the same as for Mobile Telephone Masts. It is not just children in school who are at risk. It is ALL of us. Read about this too in the Independent on Sunday of 22/04/2007. [Read the article here ]

Powerwatch - Expelling the Wireless Myths
Powerwatch have put up a page to deal with the "Backlash" against the News Stories, as follows. "With all of the recent coverage of WiFi networks and mobile phone base stations, it seems appropriate to address some of the common microwave radiation exposure myths that get frequently promulgated by the pseudo-scientific, pseudo-intellectual technical community online".[Read the article here ]