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As people all over the country and the world wake up to the true scale of the problem that Mobile Phone Masts, Wi-fi and other "wireless" microwave technologies have become we welcome the continuing Press coverage.

The Independent on Sunday [06-05-07]  contained an article entitled "Town rejects mast to save bees after IoS report" following on from previous reports linking the decline in bee colonies to Mobile Phone Masts - with the interesting addition that "This was supported yesterday by Ferdinand Ruzicka, emeritus professor at the University of Vienna. He revealed that two-thirds of the beekeepers he surveyed who had a mobile phone mast within 300m had suffered "unexplained colony collapse". Professor Ruzicka believes the radiation may increase the insects' vulnerability to disease." One link that wasn't mentioned, but is the subject of other Scientific studies, was another article in the same issue entitled "Britain's maligned moths suffer drastic decline" - (David Attenborough, championing the "Moths Count" campaign might be interested to know that the number of moths in at least one area appears to have dropped substantially in the last 2 years since the introduction of 3G Mobile Phone Masts. The poor creatures initially sat on the ceiling in line with the signals from one mast, obviously disorientated, before being found dead a day or two later. If this is typical it is not surprising they are in decline!). Finally 2 more letters corrected some points from the previous weeks' letters about Wi-fi.

The Independent on Sunday [29-04-07] continued with a piece entitled "Scientists demand inquiry over Wi-fi " quoting Professor Henshaw of Bristol University as saying that "'The research hasn't been done - we cannot assume that wireless networks have no effects'". The BBC had a similar piece "Wi-fi laptop fears for children" this had the bizarre advice from Professor Challis that "we should also discourage children from placing their laptop on their lap when they are using wi-fi". Hmm. Features were also in the Daily Telegraph "Warning on wi-fi health risk to children" and on Sky News "Warning Over School Wi-Fi Systems" in the preceding week.

A second article entitled "Birds and bees are hit by phone waves " highlighted the crucial point that birds and bees both navigate using the Earth's natural electromagnetic field and that so much artificial "electrosmog" from Mobile Phone Masts and Wi-fi etc. are causing birds and bees to get lost [and eventually die exhausted elesewhere].

The Sunday Times also had an article entitled "SPARROWS may be disappearing from British gardens" in similar vein to the Independent on Sunday.

Friday's Daily Mail [27-04-07] focussed on Electrosensitivity sufferer Sarah Dacre and her difficulties in living in electrosmog. Entitled "The woman who needs a veil to protect herself from modern life" .