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To "The Guardian", BECTA, "Department of Education" 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

We are writing to ask you to consider dropping your sponsorship of  the Hand Held Learning Conference from 10th to 12th October 2007 and in subsequent years. 

You may not be aware that most of these hand held learning devices emit pulsed microwave radiation much in the same way as a Mobile Phone does. The wireless routers and/or base-stations constantly emit pulsed microwave radiation which can often result in exposures inside a school class room or a child's bedroom being the same or greater than that from the main beam of a mobile phone mast. 

As you can see from the enclosed leaflet that the health risks from using hand held devices, most of which use wireless (i.e. microwave emitting) technologies, are too great to ignore, and you should not be promoting them. 

Are you at the Guardian Media Group prepared to indemnify the schools who purchase wireless devices as a result of the "Hand Held Learning 2007" exhibition when in the near future - as seems to us certain - this technology is proven to be harmful and the school children and teachers look for compensation for their damaged health? 

If you are not prepared to withdraw your sponsorship or indemnify the schools you must supply us with the evidence you are basing your decisions on which makes you believe that such wireless devices are  safe. We are certain that no such evidence does (or can) exist. 

Please read the attached leaflet and familiarize yourself with the evidence it sights. 

Yours faithfully,

Mast Sanity