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This letter has been written because the situation in the UK is becoming very dangerous. Some ES/EHS people are suffering terribly, especially around airports, flight paths, MOD and US establishments, TV transmitters, radar, TETRA, upgraded 3G and wifi.

The technologies are mixing and the secondary frequencies this produces is causing more severe effects, as it infrasound and harmonics. These very low frequencies can be deadly, as you well know.

It goes without saying that more non-sensitive people are also unwell/ill and that a new breed of wifi sensitised people is emerging. Do we expect 3.5G sensitives soon? Time will tell.

How are our children coping? Can they concentrate at school with the mobile phone masts, TETRA and wifi close to them? Are they any better off at home? Why is there increasingly unsociable or bad behaviour, temper outbursts, more violent conflicts? Why do more children suffer leukaemia, autism, ADD and other conditions/illnesses?

Open Letter to the Health Protection Agency

* When will there be consideration for the more vulnerable children, sick, elderly and all animal life with the continuing roll out of technologies using pulsed microwave radiation i.e. TETRA and handsets, mobile phones and masts, cordless phones, wifi, microwave ovens and all "wireless" gadgets to include baby alarms?

* Why was Sir William's advice for a precautionary approach totally ignored?

* When will parents, family members, animal lovers, animal societies etc be given clear information that will enable them to make informed decisions about these new technologies operating on pulsed microwave radiation?

* When will the growing numbers of electrosensitive (ES) and hyper electrosensitive (EHS) people, who suffer so badly now, be treated in a more humane and fair way?

* When will medical staff and all relevant official departments be made aware of the effects of pulsed microwave radiation, as documented as "radiation sickness" many decades ago?

* Please do not tell us there is no evidence of harmful effects as there is more than enough peer reviewed research available.

* Please do not offer us the types of research which have already been undertaken in the UK that have no chance of presenting valid, clear and accurate representation of good scientific study.

* Please do not insult our intelligence and sincere concern

I write as an EHS person who has talked to hundreds of ES/EHS people over the past three years or so.

To privately or publicly declare yourself to be ES/EHS while governmental advisors and bodies deny its existence is a very hard road to walk for most. They are ignored, and can be abused and ridiculed by authority, to include health care and essential services. Family, friends, community and media can also be unbelieving, critical and/or abusive and because of the governmental stance on this issue. Therefore the circa 500 declared ES/EHS are the tip of the iceberg and I speak to many who won't declare.

Most electrosensitive people are totally aware of what is going on with these technologies.

They have had to prove to themselves by trial, error and research that this is not "all in the mind" or some other illness or condition. With a few it has taken 8 to 10 years of ill health and misdiagnosis.

Most ES/EHS know that they will heal if they can remove themselves from the technologies or the technologies can be kept away from them. Some ES/EHS watch and observe local non-sensitive people/ animal/plant life and see clearly what is happening.


Many of them have proved this for themselves.

* If the ES/EHS have discovered this proof, why can't this be a basis for meaningful research rather than the much criticised Essex Study which many ES/EHS would not take part it because they knew it would prove nothing?

* Why can't our children be monitored in schools where wifi and mobile phone masts are installed?

* Why can't their parents be made aware of the potential dangers to their children at home or in the community?

* Why can't cancer clusters and ill-health around mast clusters be monitored and researched properly and in situ?

I have been informed by the Health Protection Agency that it is the role of local Primary Care Trusts to monitor. How can they monitor effectively with no knowledge of the known biological effects of pulsed microwave information?

I only respect Sir William Stewart, whose advice the Government and the rest of you ignore. Only he tries to speak out for our children and only he warned that children and a minority of the population might be affected by the biological effects of pulsed microwave radiation. He will be a great loss to us when he retires this year, as he was the only honourable one amongst you all, in my opinion.


Sandi Lawrence

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