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Some (Variable) Data for Scientists


i)            Ferromagnetic compounds within the bees' head, thorax and abdomen produce hysteresis loops.


ii)           These magnetic crystals vary in size.


iii)           Earth's horizontal field 1.87 x 10-5   T

Earth's vertical field     4.36 x 10-5   T

Earth's dipole               8.1   x 1022   Am


iv)           Microwaves (as defined by International Standard)

300 MHz to 300 GHz

*Wavelength = 1m to 0.001m

*Length of bee = 2cm

*Mushroom shaped brain = a few millimetres (+)

*Distance between antennae - similar

Therefore:  resonance can easily occur with some microwave frequencies.


v)                               Transmitters may use side-lobes to increase power.


vi)                             Interference patterns can occur with transmitters.


vii)                           Bees are known to be sensitive to 1nT and varying microwave frequencies.


viii)                         Honeycomb is within the resonance band.


ix)                             Microwaves are used because they are more penetrative to building materials than radio or TV frequencies.