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Trower Flow Chart ES

Effects of Holding a Mobile to Your Head

Power varies 2 W/m2

Power on side of head, of area 324 x 10-4m2 = 2 x (324 x 10-4m2) = 0.0648 W or

Energy of each photon = hv h where h=6.6 x 10-34, c= 3.0 x 108, =1.0 x 10-4m

Energy = 1.89 x 10-21J

Actual number of photons incident on head total energy photon energy

0.0648/1.98 x 10-21 = 3.2 x 1019 s-1

Energy to release e- from Hydrogen bond in body is 0.85 eV

0.85(1.6 x 10-19J) = 1.36 x 10-19J

Energy to release each e- energy per photon:

1.36 x 10-19/1.98 x 10-21= 68.68 68 photons will release each e-

Total number of photons s-1 incident on head number to release each e-:

3.2 x 1019/68.68 = 4.65 x 1017

Electrical current generated (4.65 x 1017)(1.6 x 10-19) = 0.0736 Amps.


Electrical Conductivity of Brain 1 to 9.1 Sm-1

But Sm-1 V =

Electrical Potential induced in Brain:

or = 0.0736 V or 8.0 x 10-3 V

Potentials for K+, Na+ and CL- in our bodies


Concentrations Inside Cell (Ci) Outside Cell(Co)

K+ 150 2.5

Na+ 15 145

CL- 9 101


Using: x 2.303 Log10 V


Where: R (gas) 8.314 JK-1 mol-1

T (temperature) K-1

Z (valency)

F (con) Faraday 96500 C mol-1

Co Concentration outside cell

Ci Concentration inside cell


For K+ 2.303Log10 = 0.012 V

For Na+ 0.056V : CI- = -0.06V

Normal Cell Potential: Induced Potential:

K+ 0.012V 0.0736 to 0.008V

Na+ 0.056V depending on electrical

CL- -0.06V conductivity of brain


Clearly, the electrical properties of the brain are compromised by a change in potential due to an induced current.

Interestingly, if we look at collision momentum at the photon, say, on the skin, with an atomic particle, say proton, we have:

m,v = m2 v2

(3.99 x 10-34)(3.0 x 108) = (1.672 x 10-27) x V2 (proton) V2 = 71.59ms-1

whereas normal velocity for such particles in the body is 30ms-1

In other words, there is enough momentum from these microwaves to change the speed of particles within the body!

Such claims have been made from pulsing microwaves, where the natural pulse rhythm of the brain

1 - 4 Hz: Delta (sleep)

5 - 7 Hz: Theta (susceptibility to learning/tranquility)

8 - 12 Hz: Alpha (relaxed/alert)

more than 13 Hz: Beta (consciousness/decisions)

may be affected by the electrical variation and/or atomic collision (change in momentum) of the natural frequency of the brain.

B. Trower 19.02.2005

Trower Flow Chart ES 2