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A simple hypothesis based on studies made over thirty years ago (and regarded as mere scientific curiosities at the time) can explain virtually all of the adverse effects of exposure to non-ionising radiation, with pulsed radiation being the most dangerous. Some of the symptoms are especially apparent in individuals suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Symptoms include skin rashes, sensations of heat, pins and needles, dizziness, nausea, visual disturbances, effects on brain function, DNA damage, loss of fertility, risk of miscarriage, sensitivity to allergens and a greater chance of getting cancer.

The original work showed that electromagnetic radiation that was far too weak to generate significant heat could nevertheless remove calcium ions from cell surfaces. A modern interpretation of these results by Dr Andrew Goldsworthy (an Honorary Lecturer at Imperial College London) explains how the loss of these ions can make cell membranes leak, which in turn gives rise to the symptoms.

Leakage of the contents of skin cells causes inflammation. Leakage of ions in the sensory cells scattered over our body surfaces triggers them to send spurious nerve impulses to the brain causing false sensations (paresthesias). Similar leakages in the sensory cells of the inner ear give false impulses leading to tinnitus, dizziness and symptoms of motion sickness. Leakages in the rods and cones of the eye can cause a partial loss of vision. Leakage in neurons can cause brain hyperactivity leading to sleep disturbances, loss of concentration, ADHD and autism. Leakage in the tight junction barriers that protect all of our body surfaces from the ingress of foreign materials increases the risk of developing allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities. Leakage through internal membranes of cells releases digestive enzymes from lysosomes that then damage DNA, causing a loss of fertility, genetic damage to offspring and an increased risk of developing cancer in later life. Unnecessary exposure to even weak electromagnetic fields should therefore be avoided.

See Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy's presentation here .