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1. Please support the online petition to replace WiFI in schools with safer hard-wired versions.  Please click here .

2. Also, EU MEP's Elizabeth Lynne, Kathy Sinnott and Carl Schlyter have tabled awritten Declaration no. 47/2009 on the risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields resulting from the use of wireless technology.

Authors of current Written Declarations receive an updated signatories list from e-mailbox 'Déclarations écrites ' on Monday afternoon in Strasbourg, Wednesday morning in Brussels and on Friday morning after the sessions.   An updated signatories list during the EU sessions can be provided individually upon request.  No updating of the signatories list will take place between

Radiation Research Trust trustee Liz Lynne MEP and her colleagues Kathy Sinnott and Carl Schlyter have submitted this
very important written Declaration and urge you to encourage your MEP's to support the important Declaration.  The Declaration is available in many languages.

The EU has a list of all MEPs in UK here. It's extremely quick to send an email to your MEP's by going to www.writetothem.com.

You may have noticed a recent rash of Mobile Phone Mast planning applications for "fill-in" masts in towns across the UK - mainly from Vodafone, but also from T-Mobile and O2.

The reason for this large number of planning applications to extend the mostly pointless 3G network is to cash in on the current gimmick for "Mobile Internet" using a USB "dongle" that plugs into laptops and PCs.

dongleThis latest marketing hype is the Mobile Phone Operators' last gasp strategy to re-invent the 3G network (originally designed for video calls) for web access. This has become possible by adding "HSPA" support for data packets on top of the 3G network.

As with all 3G uses so far the hype far outstrips the usefulness of the "Mobile Internet" and its "dongle". It is just another gadget aimed at office executives whose own access to websites such as FaceBook (and worse!) is blocked by their employers.

To try and exploit and expand on this lucrative niche market the Mobile Phone Operators are marketing the "dongles" and "Mobile Internet" as a rival to BT's fixed-line and Virgin Media's cable-based broadband. By persuading office workers to use their "dongles" in their home PCs and laptops the aim is to replace cable and ADSL broadband with the "Mobile Internet" instead. At a theoretical maximum speed of 14.4Mbs and a real-world maximum speed of 7.2Mbs "Mobile Internet" is actually slower than fixed-line or cable internet - even where 3G coverage is at its best (i.e. where there are more masts). It's like "WAP" all over again.

Day 2 - 14th October 2008

On the second and main day of the Hand Held Learning 'conference', four epresentatives from Mast Sanity arrived early to hand out
leaflets on health effects from wireless devices [ here ] as we thought that the delegates might ot receive this information from the equipment vendors.
The first to arrive was Graham Brown-Martin and two colleagues. He greeted us cordially and invited us to come inside to see the show later on.
Unfortunately we didn't have time to take up his offer having to get to work afterwards.
Lured into a false sense of security we entered the courtyard of The Brewery to stand outside the actual entrance to the 'conference'
Fairly soon 3 'bouncer's appeared and asked us to stand outside the courtyard in the street.
We tried to resist but they got more aggressive and actually pushed one of us.
As it was unclear whether or not the courtyard was public or private property we decide to take the line of least resistance and moved outside onto the pavement.
However the 'bouncers' were still being aggressive and drew a line on the pavement with their feet over which we could not stand!
They also shouted at us when we walked across the  entrance (on public property)!
In the end we got fed up and told them to call the police if they wanted but that we had every right to stand where we wished.
After half an hour or so they moved away when they saw we were actually quite peaceful and not intending to harass any of the delegates.
Out mission is simply to redress the imbalance in the information that the delegates received.
We gave out leaflets to about 600 delegates.

15th October 2008

The third day of the conference quite a few delegates had already received the information.
Some were very interested and asked us questions. We pointed out that it is perfectly possible to have laptop computers that can connect to the
internet using a system of floor boxes such as those from 'Hubbel ' or dlan such as those from 'Detect-protect '.


In a free bag of 'goodies' given out at the 'conference', we noticed a leaflet from BECTA which states that
'ICT Mark schools are more likely to be rated outstanding by OFSTED Have you hit the ICT mark?'
If ever there were a more blatant form of an inducement for schools to put in ICT
(and this is in the form of wireless internet and now even mobile phones), then we have never seen it.

We would very much like an informal meeting with Graham Brown-Martin so we can discuss the evidence that we have uncovered.
We are sure he is an intelligent man but has probably not had time to research the evidence.

Science admit their error

Science magazine, and article author Gretchen Vogel, have admitted that their article claiming that the "only 2" studies to have found DNA damage from RF radiation were under suspicion of fraud. She has now admitted that there is at least one further laboratory that have replicated the work, but also strangely stated that she deliberately ignored research that found evidence of DNA damage that was not actual breakage of DNA!

Click here for the full news story

Alarming new research from Sweden on the effects of radiation raises fears
that today's youngsters face an epidemic of the disease in later life - Independent on Sunday - see full story at:-

Independent on Sunday - Mobile phone use 'raises children's risk of brain cancer fivefold'

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/health/3042340/Mobile-phones-may-raise-cancer-risk-in-children-study-finds.html Mobile phones may raise cancer risk in children, study finds

Children who use mobile phones are 'five times more likely to develop brain tumours'



http://news.sky.com/skynews/ Home/Health/Mobile-Phones- Increase-Tumour-Risk-F
200809415104349?lpos=Health_ First_World_News_Article_Tea
15104349_Mobile_Phones_ Increase_Tumour_Risk_For_Children
Sky News Tumour Warning Over Kids' Mobiles

Disappointingly, the BBC, The Guardian and The Times seem not to be concerned by these alarming figures, instead covering the following:-

help for children at risk
By Tamsin Osbourne
BBC News
22 September 2008
Children suffering abuse will soon be able to contact the NSPCC's ChildLine
via text messages and the internet.

The following are from this weeks coverage: