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To "The Guardian", BECTA, "Department of Education" 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

We are writing to ask you to consider dropping your sponsorship of  the Hand Held Learning Conference from 10th to 12th October 2007 and in subsequent years. 

You may not be aware that most of these hand held learning devices emit pulsed microwave radiation much in the same way as a Mobile Phone does. The wireless routers and/or base-stations constantly emit pulsed microwave radiation which can often result in exposures inside a school class room or a child's bedroom being the same or greater than that from the main beam of a mobile phone mast. 

As you can see from the enclosed leaflet that the health risks from using hand held devices, most of which use wireless (i.e. microwave emitting) technologies, are too great to ignore, and you should not be promoting them. 

Are you at the Guardian Media Group prepared to indemnify the schools who purchase wireless devices as a result of the "Hand Held Learning 2007" exhibition when in the near future - as seems to us certain - this technology is proven to be harmful and the school children and teachers look for compensation for their damaged health? 

If you are not prepared to withdraw your sponsorship or indemnify the schools you must supply us with the evidence you are basing your decisions on which makes you believe that such wireless devices are  safe. We are certain that no such evidence does (or can) exist. 

Please read the attached leaflet and familiarize yourself with the evidence it sights. 

Yours faithfully,

Mast Sanity


NOW - Repacholi Promoting Wireless/Microwave emitting Devices to Children at the Handheld Learning Conference 10-12 October 2007 in London


- Admits Industry Funding - for the WHO EMF Project

- Employed by the Industry before and after the WHO EMF Project

- Emeritus Chairman of ICNIRP since 1996 – the body charged with setting 'Safe' International Exposure limits. [here]

- Now Promoting Wireless/Microwave emitting Devices to Children - at the Handheld Learning Conference 10-12 October 2007 in London (despite the UK's Health Protection Agency's own advice that under 16's should only use Mobile Phones etc. as little as possible because they are more prone to harm from them)

Dear Ed Richards,

Sitefinder and mobile operator co-operation

I am writing on behalf of Mast Sanity which campaigns for the safe siting of phone and Tetra masts. Sitefinder is the national database for providing information on where base stations are located. We are very concerned at press reports that the mobile network operators have decided not to provide any further information to Ofcom about sites they build or change.(1, 2).

Ofcom hosts the Sitefinder database on behalf of the Government. The mobile phone operators already enjoy extremely favourable planning laws. They should at the very least be providing information on where they are placing these base stations or changing them.

It is the responsibility of OFCOM to police the system. Mast Sanity understands that the regulations require the mobile phone operators to reveal this information. I refer you to Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 2553 The Electronic Communications Code (Conditions and Restrictions) Regulations 2003, Regulation 11 and 12 . (3) A request to each operator under the Regulations say once every month would give Ofcom the required information that could then published for all to see.

The Operators should supply this information or face punitive fines and/or the revocation of their operating licenses.

I look forward to receiving your response on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Yasmin Skelt

Trustee, Mast Sanity


Government and Telecommunication Companies quote the ‘ICNIRP Guidelines’ as assurances of safety for any mast/s saying, 'The mast has an ICNIRP [safety] Certificate' or, 'The mast's emissions fall well below the ICNIRP Guidelines', etc.

However, the ICNIRP Guidelines ONLY cover the Thermal (i.e. heating) effects of Mobile Telephone Mast emissions. Hence all that an ICNIRP certificate means is that the mast won’t cook you!

When the guidelines were made in 1998 it was generally thought that the only effects of the Mobile Telephone Mast emissions would be thermal, hence the ICNIRP Guidelines as they currently stand.

However, it is now widely accepted that NON-Thermal effects do occur but these guidelines have NOT been updated to include NON-Thermal effects.

The Thermal (heating) effects are accepted to be negligible - however, NON-Thermal effects are now known to affect the make-up of our bodies and how our bodies work, posing real risks to our health and to our lives.

Barrie Trower (a scientist who has been involved in microwave research since the Sixties):- 

Knowing that 80% of the research displayed on the World Health Organisation website shows roughly a 3/4-fold increase in cancers and other related illnesses at extremely low levels of microwaves = 400m from low level transmitters, I suggest that quoting ICNIRP (upper) level is not sufficient to justify transmitter power.

The ICNIRP guidelines do give an upper level; however, the Committee also states, in the same report:

Quote (p 546)…children, the elderly and some chronically ill people, might have a lower tolerance for one or more forms of NIR exposure….may be useful or necessary to develop separate guidelines…

Have decision makers surveyed the local populations to determine this fact. i.e. electrosensitive, elderly, the sick, etc?

The same ICNIRP statement also goes on to say:

Quote (Conclusion)…several steps in these procedures require scientific judgement; e.g. on reviewing the scientific literature and determining appropriate reduction factors

Have decision makers shown evidence of reviewing scientific research in order to reduce their emissions below that known to cause illness?

I argue that it is not only a misconception to only ever quote the upper limit of the ICNIRP guidance, but disreputable and, possibly, fraudulent.

There may be legal issues here, under the European Convention on Human Rights (Articles 6 and 8) and the United Nations UN22 Standard Rules, along with the responsibilities of a Landowner and what is permitted of his or her land.

B Trower

Scientific Adviser


As people all over the country and the world wake up to the true scale of the problem that Mobile Phone Masts, Wi-fi and other "wireless" microwave technologies have become we welcome the continuing Press coverage.

The Independent on Sunday [06-05-07]  contained an article entitled "Town rejects mast to save bees after IoS report" following on from previous reports linking the decline in bee colonies to Mobile Phone Masts - with the interesting addition that "This was supported yesterday by Ferdinand Ruzicka, emeritus professor at the University of Vienna. He revealed that two-thirds of the beekeepers he surveyed who had a mobile phone mast within 300m had suffered "unexplained colony collapse". Professor Ruzicka believes the radiation may increase the insects' vulnerability to disease." One link that wasn't mentioned, but is the subject of other Scientific studies, was another article in the same issue entitled "Britain's maligned moths suffer drastic decline" - (David Attenborough, championing the "Moths Count" campaign might be interested to know that the number of moths in at least one area appears to have dropped substantially in the last 2 years since the introduction of 3G Mobile Phone Masts. The poor creatures initially sat on the ceiling in line with the signals from one mast, obviously disorientated, before being found dead a day or two later. If this is typical it is not surprising they are in decline!). Finally 2 more letters corrected some points from the previous weeks' letters about Wi-fi.

The Independent on Sunday [29-04-07] continued with a piece entitled "Scientists demand inquiry over Wi-fi " quoting Professor Henshaw of Bristol University as saying that "'The research hasn't been done - we cannot assume that wireless networks have no effects'". The BBC had a similar piece "Wi-fi laptop fears for children" this had the bizarre advice from Professor Challis that "we should also discourage children from placing their laptop on their lap when they are using wi-fi". Hmm. Features were also in the Daily Telegraph "Warning on wi-fi health risk to children" and on Sky News "Warning Over School Wi-Fi Systems" in the preceding week.

A second article entitled "Birds and bees are hit by phone waves " highlighted the crucial point that birds and bees both navigate using the Earth's natural electromagnetic field and that so much artificial "electrosmog" from Mobile Phone Masts and Wi-fi etc. are causing birds and bees to get lost [and eventually die exhausted elesewhere].

The Sunday Times also had an article entitled "SPARROWS may be disappearing from British gardens" in similar vein to the Independent on Sunday.

Friday's Daily Mail [27-04-07] focussed on Electrosensitivity sufferer Sarah Dacre and her difficulties in living in electrosmog. Entitled "The woman who needs a veil to protect herself from modern life" .