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The BMJ is set to publish an 'update' to a study that finished over 4 years ago [1] (and used data even older) and was widely criticised at the time for its design - that it appeared to be designed to come out negative for tumours in that they had excluded heavy mobile phone users from the study (the business users). 

More recent studies - including the Interphone Study (itself somewhat flawed) - have shown a significant increased incident of brain tumours and related cancers in long-term (10 years use for 1/2 hour per day) mobile phone users.  

Because of these other studies etc. the World Health Organisation (WHO) in conjunction with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) have this year declared microwave radiation - used by mobile phones and other wireless devices - to be a class 2b carcinogen "Possibly carcinogenic to humans" [2] This means that microwave radiation is a possible cause of cancer

The re-release of the Danish study is part of an industry-orchestrated backlash to delay legislation to limit microwave exposure and place mandatory health warnings on mobile phones (in the style of cigarette packets) and other radiation emitting devices such as WiFi routers, smart meters and cordless landlines. The 4G spectrum sell-off would be adversely affected with such a move.


[Read a much fuller critique at Powerwatch here]



[1] This is what we said about the Danish Cohort Study back at the end of 2006:-

"Danish Mobile Phone Study : He who pays the piper, calls the tune.

You might have widely read the story in the Press that "A long-term study, carried out by the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Denmark and published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, has found no increased incidence of cancer among mobile phone users."

However, if you delve a little bit deeper you will find that all is not quite as it seems.

George Carlo, former head of the US WTR research project into Mobile Telephone health effects in the late 1990s had this to say: "John Boice and his colleagues have been on the cell phone industry payroll, and for big money, since the late 1990’s. The money laundering vehicle is the International Epidemiology Institute — the name sounds like a non-profit by design, but make no mistake, this is a big for-profit enterprise. When I ran the WTR, the International Epidemiology Institute, with Boice and a fellow named Joe McLaughlin, applied for funding to do this exact epidemiology study that was released this week. After much discussion within the WTR, they were refused funding because I felt they were blatantly biased and had overtly given us the notion that they would always create findings that were favorable to the industry."

The EM Facts Consultancy had the following to add: "Here’s the latest in industry funded cell phone studies that claim to have the final answer. When you see statements like “There’s really no biological basis for you to be concerned about radio waves,” and “people can become more reassured that these devices are safe” you can be sure the cell phone industry is paying the piper."

EMFacts Article and The Times Article"


BMJ Paper: http://www.bmj.com/content/343/bmj.d6605


[2] http://www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/pr/2011/pdfs/pr208_E.pdf - IARC possible cancer announcement