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In addition check out our newsfeeds for an indication of the number of regional stories there are. This IS the single biggest issue concerning more people in more areas than anything else. Something has to give soon. Most politicians whether local, national or European will admit that they get more correspondence about mobile phone and TETRA masts than any other issue

Professor Yury Grigoriev

Professor Yury Grigoriev calls for order and the world needs to listen:

"Man conquered the Black Plague, but he has created new problems - EMF pollution"

The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection has agreed to provide a detailed report for the world containing clear information on the most important Russian research results in RF/EMF radiation over the past 50 years.

RF/EMF researchers and environmental activists, Eileen O’Connor, Director for the UK Radiation Research Trust charity and Sissel Halmøy, Chairman for the International EMF Alliance and Secretary General for the Citizens´ Radiation Protection in Norway recently returned from a trip to meet with top scientists at the Russian Federation.

Halmøy said: “According to the RNCNIRP, the following health hazards are likely to be faced by children who use mobile phones in the near future: disruption of memory, decline of attention, diminishing learning and cognitive abilities, increased irritability, sleep problems, increase in sensitivity to the stress, increased epileptic readiness. Action must be taken immediately to adopt biologically based guidelines to protect children.” Current standards are based more on engineering needs than biological studies.

O’Connor said “The Russian report is a gift to the world.  The UK Radiation Research Trust will present the report in the Autumn to the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP and will be forwarded to the UK Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies.”

She added “Russian scientists are advanced in their knowledge on RF/EMF radiation and have extended the hand of friendship and are willing to share their expertise and knowledge. I hope decision makers from the western world accept this great honour and work together.”

Russian research offers  crucial and important aspects of developmental relevance that conveys a sense of urgency for the global RF/EMF framework.  Without it, national governments may not be able to ensure the health of future generations are protected, especially that of our children.

Russian warnings exists urging pregnant women to avoid using mobile phones entirely along with children under eighteen. Likewise, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, Israel, Finland, Belgium and Toronto, Canada, have issued health warnings for children to not use mobile phones, or for emergency use only. Unfortunately, most children, parents, doctors and teachers are not aware of this important information.

Furthermore, in May 2011 the World Health Organisation and IARC issued a classification stating that radio frequency - electromagnetic fields are possibly carcinogenic to humans (group 2B). This warning is issued not only for mobile phones and phone masts, but for Wi-Fi, smart meters, wireless computers and all applications of technology on the RF/EMF Spectrum (radio-frequency radiation to electromagnetic radiation.)

Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, member of International Advisory Committee of WHO "EMF and Health" Professor Yury Grigoriev said:  “The brain is a critical organ. Vital brain structures are under EMF exposure daily when using a mobile phone.  The brain is made up of permanent complex biophysical processes and vital functions.  We need to take care with mobile phones and use distance and reduce time.  Children should use mobile phones for emergencies only and also use hands free.”

Deputy Chairman, Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Professor Oleg Grigoriev said: “We need correct control and assessment of electromagnetic pollution. There are currently a lot of new frequencies containing modulation and no one knows the results which could be a serious problem.”

Russian scientists are also warning countries throughout the world including ministries of health and other organizations, responsible for the population safety (including children), to pay attention to the regulation of mobile phones and Wi-Fi use in kindergardens and are recommending the usage of wired networks in schools and educational institutions, rather than a network using wireless broadband systems, including Wi-Fi.

The Russians stand by their solid research which has consistently shown that prolonged exposure to RF/EMF radiation disturbs cognitive function.

For protection from RF/EMF non-ionizing radiation, many countries have adopted a set of guidelines provided by private group of industry-friendly scientists known as ICNIRP. The ICNIRP guidelines are for short-term, acute thermal RF/EMF exposure. The current ICNIRP, IEEE standards are based on the preconceived and out dated view of government authorities that the only possible established biological effect of RF/EMF exposure is tissue heating.

The Russian standards are supported by science as a result of extensive research and take into account the dangers of non-thermal exposure. The standards are also backed by the Russian Ministry of Health and are a small fraction of what is allowed by ICNIRP and the IEEE which is currently adopted in many counties.

Research clearly underlines the need for action on mobile phones and wireless technology.  We need to launch global government backed hard-hitting advertising campaign especially for children, and large health warnings should be clearly visible on all RF/EMF emitting equipment. Mass media campaigns can also create awareness.

O’Connor said: “I am grateful to the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith for offering to submit the Russian report to the UK Chief Medical Officer and hope that Government and health agencies worldwide listen to concerns raised by Russian and independent scientists and urgently adopt health based RF/EMF standards to protect human health. We need to provide as swift solution to this problem as soon as possible. We simply cannot afford to wait.”

Russian scientists recognise the value of  non-Government groups in discussion and research. Deputy Chairman, Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Professor Oleg Grigoriev said: “We need to include non-Government groups in discussion and research.  Non-Government groups play an equal importance to Government and the scientific community. NGO’s are a new power and are representing people with electrosensitivity (ES) and should be an equal player.”

He added that “If the decisions are not made together with the NGOs, then decisions may have no value.”

The UK Radiation Research Trust, Citizens´ Radiation Protection in Norway and International EMF Alliance are calling for the Governments to engage with NGO’s and Independent (non-telecommunications funded) scientists.

It’s time for action!

Professor Oleg Grigoriev, Head of Department of Non-Ionizing Radiation,

Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency of Russia

Deputy Chairman, Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection

Director, Center for Electromagnetic Safety

Professor Yury Grigoriev, Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, a member of Int. Advisory Committee of WHO "EMF and Health"

Sissel Halmøy, Secretary General for the Citizens´ Radiation Protection in Norway www.stralevern.org and founder and Chair of International EMF Alliance  http://www.iemfa.org

Eileen O’Connor, Founder and Board member for the International EMF Alliance and

Director of UK EM Radiation Research Trust www.radiationresearch.org


Eileen O’Connor

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(See our (embargoed) Press Release (below) for an evaluation of the Interphone Study that is/was scheduled for release tomorrow.)

It is interesting that the same sources that just cut and paste the Press Release from the Science and Media Centre (or the Mobile Operators Association) - such as the Guardian, Mirror and the BBC - will be publishing a 'no adverse effects' story this evening and/or tomorrow whilst other publications have looked at the detailsof the study and noted that the actual trends in the small print of the conclusions of the studies published within the Interphone Study still show a significant tumour threat whilst the studies omitted from the Report are even more clear-cut in showing a link between mobile phone use and brain cancer risk.

Cause for Concern

"Cause for Concern"

Daily Mail
Daily Mail
The Scotsman
Sunday Times

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

"No Adverse Effects"

The Times
The Times

It is sad that Cancer Research UK appear to back this flawed report. Their new research centre in Cambridge paid for by the "3" Mobile Founder Li Ka Shing can't have influenced their views could it?

With OFCOM’s Proposed 4 Times Signal Power Boost, the UK Population will be subjected to significantly more damaging microwave radiation – at a time when some other countries are reducing their exposure limits.

Vodafone and the other operators have been lobbying OFCOM for a signal boost for their existing 3G masts [2, 3] . This will be an approximate 4-fold increase[1]. In effect this represents 4 times as much microwave radiation over the entire area of the UK with current 3G coverage.

Vodafone has told Ofcom that permitting a higher maximum licensed power would enable it (and other operators) to optimise their networks allowing the flexibility to serve more effectively a wider area and community with better in-building penetration”

There is no real need for it, this is purely commercially driven to take on BT and Virgin Media. Particularly considering the advised 'Precautionary Approach' and the accompanying adverse health effects from microwave radiation this increase is totally unwarranted and unwelcome.

Anybody who is feeling the effects of existing mobile phone masts at existing signal levels in their own homes and offices with multiple symptoms of, for example, migraines, insomnia, itchy rashes, nose bleeds through to depression and the onset of cancer will find their symptoms increasing. And for the 3-4% or so of the population who are Electro Sensitive (ES) or Electro Hypersensitive (EHS) their lives will become increasingly unbearable as the places they can go within the UK will effectively disappear over night.

Additionally, OFCOM may well be acting illegally in proposing an increase in 3G licensed power without putting the licenses back out to tender.

The OFCOM consultation ends this Friday 19th March 2010. We urge all concerned parties to object to OFCOM[5].

Mast Sanity will be objecting primarily on grounds of health. There are 1000’s of studies (and this number is ever increasing) pointing to harm from microwave exposure below the UK exposure guidelines. This proposed increase will only make matters much worse.

The European Environment Agency are taking the research evidence seriously and are calling for exposures to be reduced citing the Bioinitiative Report[6] (a review of over 2000 published studies)

OFCOM is not in a position to consider the health aspect of this increase in exposures. It looks solely at the technical aspects.

Why is the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA) not involved in this consultation and why does their advice differ from that of the EU Environment Agency?

Mast Sanity calls upon OFCOM to withdraw their proposals for a 3G Signal Power Increase.

Further Mast Sanity call upon OFCOM to immediately reduce all Mobile Phone signal levels to outdoor ‘ALARA’ levels (As low as reasonably acceptable) under the ‘Precautionary Principle’, to encourage fixed-line telephony within buildings, encourage investment in fibre optics and passive alternatives such as Visual Light Communications[8] and thus reduce the overall microwave load on the UK Population – NOT increase it.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) are issuing only partial results of the Interphone studies on Tuesday [0] . These published resultsjust include gliomas and meningiomas. They leave out the results for salivary gland tumours and acoustic neuromas - the results of which are even more damning. [7,8,9]

The results of this 13 country study are 5 years overdue with reports of deep divides between researchers. Perhaps a case of "Do we cover up the bad news or do we tell the truth?”

The summary within the report claims that there is no overall increased risk. However,  the detail of the published results show a 40% increased risk for 1,640 hours use (10 years) for glioma and 15% for Meningioma, with more tumours on the side of the head where the mobile phone is held.

Previously a paper published in Pathophysiology[1] details 11 design flaws in the Interphone study. These flaws even led to one study claiming that mobile phone use actually reduced brain tumour risk by 20%! This is clearly ridiculous and shows how skewed the design was. Could the large industry funding have played a part in the design of the study?

That even this skewed set of studies still throws up an increase in brain cancer risk after 10 years use should make people worry. Brain tumours are increasing at the rate of 2% every year. So much so that brain tumours are now the biggest cause of cancer death in young men and women in the UK [10].

Brain tumour studies have been conducted by 2 research groups only - Interphone and Prof Hardell at Obrero University in Sweden.

Last year 5 scientists reviewed all the published studies to date i.e. Interphone and Hardell’s independently funded studies. [2]

This report showed a doubling of brain tumour risk after 10 years use with a 5 times increased risk of brain tumours for children using a mobile before age 20. [3] The authors assume this was an underestimate due to the flaws in Interphone.

Australian Television interviewed 2 of the researchers - brain surgeons Dr Teo and Dr Khurana. This is what they had to say:

Dr Teo, says: "If the question is do I believe that mobile phones can cause brain cancer? The answer is yes, I do."

Dr Teo also gives this warning: "I'm incredibly worried, concerned, depressed at the number of kids I'm seeing coming in with brain tumours. Malignant brain tumours. Just in the last three or four weeks I've seen nearly half a dozen kids with tumours which really should have been benign and they've all been nasty, malignant brain tumours. We are doing something terribly wrong."

Dr Vini Khurana says "Long-term use of mobile phones is associated with a doubling of the risk of being diagnosed with certain brain tumours....I actually think it may be a conservative estimate."[4]

According to Lloyd Morgan, B.Sc., lead author of the white paper, “Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone” [5] "This data is already past its ‘sell-by’ date. Further delays in releasing the other data are not acceptable. In my opinion, the whole Interphone study has turned into a scandalous and expensive fiasco."

Mast Sanity calls upon (WHO/IARC) to come clean and admit that Mobile Phone use DOES cause Brain Cancer.

Furthermore, Mast Sanity call for an immediate release of all Interphone raw data to ensure transparency and complete disclosure, and the results of the unpublished studies to be made public.

[Note: This Press Release was Embargoed until 1.30am Tuesday 18th May 2010 and was clearly marked as such]

Press Release by the Health Protection Agency on 15th Sept 2009 entitled "Scientist probe laptops Wi-Fi Emissions.

Comments by Andrew Goldsworthy on 20th Sept 2009

The following quote from the notes to editors is muddled and deeply misleading.

"There is no consistent evidence to date that exposure to RF signals from Wi-Fi and WLANs adversely affect the health of the general population".

It is muddled because it confuses two completely separate issues.

1. Is there any evidence that Wi-Fi is harmful to health?

The answer to this is DEFINITELY YES.

2.  Is the whole population affected?

The answer to this is SEEMINGLY NOT.

It is misleading because it is written in such a way as to imply that Wi-Fi is safe for EVERYONE and there is no reason why it should not be used universally in schools. What about the health of the students and staff who are affected? Do they not care?

The use of the word "consistent" in the quote is also worrying since it suggests that physicists and engineers, possibly from the mobile phone and Wi-Fi industries, rather than biologists and health experts, are in control.

No trained biologist or medical practitioner would ever expect the same level of consistency from experiments with complex living organisms as is possible with simple physical systems.

Apart from identical twins, each one of us is genetically and physiologically unique and we do not all respond in the same way to metabolic insults. Not everyone who smokes dies of cancer, and we do not all suffer the same side effects from taking a medicinal drug. Even the same person may not be equally susceptible all of the time. For example, if we are ill, our resistance to further infections is usually lowered. Anyone who says that we must all show the same response to electromagnetic radiation before its effects can be regarded as real must have a very limited knowledge of biology. They are certainly not qualified to sit in judgement on important health issues that are likely to affect billions of people worldwide, let alone the health of unsuspecting UK school children and staff who have no choice.