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In addition check out our newsfeeds for an indication of the number of regional stories there are. This IS the single biggest issue concerning more people in more areas than anything else. Something has to give soon. Most politicians whether local, national or European will admit that they get more correspondence about mobile phone and TETRA masts than any other issue

11th Hour release of watered-down report from ODPM

A report hidden behind closed doors for a YEAR has finally been released by the ODPM hours before the House debates the Telecommunications Masts (Planning Control) Bill.

Despite repeatedly refusing to reveal the contents of this ARUP and Reading University study commissioned by the Government into the conduct of the mobile phone operators the ODPM has been forced to save itself further embarrassment by publishing the report almost a year to the day after it received it.

Mast Campaigners say the ODPM have watered down the findings of the report, which acknowledge that the industry is unregulated, and that an INDEPENDENT body should be established to deal with breaches of codes by the mobile operators, including a recommendation that those breaching the codes and guidelines are NAMED and SHAMED. The report also emphasises the need to revise the codes to prevent their further abuse by the mobile operators.

The timing of the report, and the ODPM's response to it, has been heavily criticised by campaigners. They point out that the ODPM's claim that the code of best practice works WHERE IT IS FOLLOWED is the crux of the matter - if it is not followed, there is still no regulation, and no amount of independent adjudicators without any 'teeth' will prevent corporate abuse.

“This report acknowledges that the mobile phone industry IS NOT regulated in line with other industry codes and practices and that the public has no faith whatsoever in the present system for the erection of phone masts,” says Mast Sanity Trustee Amanda Wesley.

“The ODPM however, have issued a diluted and selective review of the ARUP report claiming that it found that self-regulation is working, presumably in an attempt to scupper the Telecommunications Masts (Planning Control) Bill. The ODPM will now try to HOODWINK MPs, by claiming that measures will be taken to review the codes and implement changes so no legislative changes are required.”
“Once again, the Government will use delaying tactics and waste further time and money commissioning research into another report which they will pick and choose from, after withholding the findings until such time as thousands more phone masts have been erected near peoples homes, schools and hospitals.”