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In addition check out our newsfeeds for an indication of the number of regional stories there are. This IS the single biggest issue concerning more people in more areas than anything else. Something has to give soon. Most politicians whether local, national or European will admit that they get more correspondence about mobile phone and TETRA masts than any other issue

Nearly 2 Years ago Mast Sanity welcomed the announcement from the UK's Health Protection Agency (HPA) that more research was to be done into Wi-Fi[1]  after Sir William Stewart requested an enquiry into Wi-Fi in schools.[5]  

However we believed at the time that this ‘Research' was merely a smokescreen, to appear to be doing something without actually doing anything new.

And so it has proved to be.

Mast Sanity asked in 2007[12]:

1) What is this 'research' going to be about?

Are the HPA only taking measurements of Wi-fi signal levels (as they state in their press release)? Or are they going to look to see if there are any health effects on children [already being exposed to Wi-fi] in schools [across the UK] by taking blood samples, measuring heart rates and brain response (EEG's) and doing health surveys?

We already know what the [microwave radiation] levels emitted from the Wi-fi laptops and routers are. OFCOM (one of the HPA's 'partner' Agencies) has already taken measurements in schools [in Birmingham].[11]

Powerwatch have already done this [on the Panorama investigation into Wi-fi in schools in 2007] [8] as have various campaign groups. It is no mystery.

What the HPA did[2]:

Scientists at the Health Protection Agency began a research project on wireless local area networks (WLAN) [Wi-Fi] in late 2007. One aspect of public concern over Wi-Fi is its use by children in schools. So as part of its study into the technology scientists set up 15 laptop computers commonly used in UK schools and investigated the strength of the radiowaves [microwave radiation] around them. ... Computer modelling is also being carried out to learn more about how the radio waves are absorbed in the body. [The HPA results concur with those taken by Powerwatch and measured by the other agencies above and yet it took them 2 years and cost the taxpayer £300,000!]

NO real tests carried out on already exposed children for health effects

NO blood samples

NO heart rate measuring

NO EEG measurements taken

IGNORED the constant emissions from the Wi-fi routers also present

IGNORED a request in 2007 to do a proper study from 8 members of the HPA EMF Discussion Group [14]

Mast Sanity noted and asked in 2007:

2) The HPA are still going to compare the levels with the outdated ICNIRP guidelines.

We know that the ICNIRP guidelines only protect against short term heating effects and are not appropriate to protect against cancer and genetic [i.e. biological, non-heating] damage over the long-term. This was highlighted in the recent Bioinitiative Report[3].

Sir William Stewart also said the World Health Organisation (WHO) are wrong in their evaluation of the science behind the guidelines[5]  and the Stewart report[4] said that relying solely on the guidelines will not protect people from biological (non-heating) effects that may become apparent.

Mast Sanity spokesperson Yasmin Skelt says "Independent Scientific studies have consistently shown health effects from microwave emissions well below currently allowed levels[3,6,7] - so what is the point of comparing emissions against these outdated ICNIRP guidelines?"

What the HPA did:

The tests were carried out in a specially adapted laboratory at the HPA's Centre for Radiation, Chemicals and Environmental Hazards in Oxfordshire. The effective powers in the direction of maximum emission were in the range 17 to 57 milliwatts (mW) and well within the 100 mW limit set for Europe [ICNIRP]. Dr Simon Mann ... said: "Our findings are consistent with the HPA position that exposures to the radio waves from Wi-Fi equipment are expected to be well within internationally-accepted exposure guidelines [ICNIRP] and less than levels from mobile phones."

So - This has been a pointless exercise in spin by the HPA at the Tax Payers' expense. All it shows is that the levels of Wi-fi microwave radiation will not greatly heat-up children in their class rooms. We already knew that. We said so 2 years ago.

It does not prove that Wi-Fi is safe.

The following points (and many more) have still not been addressed:-

·          The Department of Education guidelines state that a school should not be in the main beam of a Mobile Phone Mast.[4]  The microwave radiation intensity in a classroom with Wi-fi is the same order of magnitude as if the schools were in the main beam of a mobile phone mast.[2]

·          Philip Parkin, General Secretary of VOICE, said [15]: "I have concerns about the health of both pupils and staff...I am concerned that so many wireless networks are being installed in schools and colleges without any understanding of the possible long-term consequences."

  • The German government is already advising its citizens to use wired internet connections instead of Wi-Fi, and landlines instead of mobile phones[9]. Why isn't the HPA doing the same?
  • The Public Health Dept of the Salzburg Government has issued advice not to use WLAN in schools and nurseries [16]
  • The Frankfurt Local Education Authority have banned wireless networks in schools as they ‘did not wish to conduct a "large scale human experiment"
  • The Bavarian Parliament recommend to all schools in the land to refrain from installing wireless LAN networks. [17]
  • The Executive Director of the EU's European Environment Agency said that, "it would be prudent for health authorities to recommend actions to reduce exposures, especially to vulnerable groups, such as children." The Agency called for immediate action to reduce exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi, mobile phones and their masts. It suggests that delay could lead to a health crisis similar to those caused by asbestos and smoking[10]. Our government is increasing our exposure to microwave radiation, not decreasing it.

Mast Sanity trustee Yasmin Skelt said back in 2007 "Why is the HPA happy to increase  Wi-fi use in schools when it says it knows little about its health effects - in effect our children are guinea pigs for its own research." This is still the case.

Mast Sanity call for the UK Government to remove Wi-Fi from all UK schools[13] -

Our children should not be made to be guinea pigs.

POLICE behaviour at the G20 protests in London could have been caused by the officers' Tetra Airwave radios interfering with their brainwaves according to Barrie Trower, an independent research scientist.

An article by Sarah Bebbington in this week’s Police Review reports Trower’s concerns.   Apparently, the Independent Police Complaints Commission has received 128 complaints about police officers during the protests, 46 of which are being investigated. Two Met officers have been suspended and two are on restricted duties, the force said.   Trower has compiled a report on Tetra for the IPCC and has been in contact with a senior Met officer.

Tetra radios send out amplitude modulated microwave radiation at a greater strength than the brain's natural rhythm at virtually the same frequency.  “You could not have picked a worse frequency for the police,” says Trower.  “If you put other waves through the brain, you end up with entrainment, which can cause you to do something you are not programmed to do.   Entrainment can cause violent behaviour, aggression, sleeplessness, irritability or agitation.”  Many police officers equipped with live radios were held in metal vans for hours and therefore subject to considerable pulsed microwave radiation in an enclosed environment for an extended period before they were needed at the G20 protests and then suddenly called upon to exercise crowd control.

Mr Trower, who has previously advised the Police Federation of England and Wales on the dangers of Tetra, urges the officers under investigation to have a brain scan to check that their behaviour has not been an early sign of a brain tumour.

Not surprisingly, Trower's claims have been denied by ACPO, Airwave and the National Policing Improvement Agency.   All bodies with vested interests, of course.  A spokeswoman for Airwave says, 'Many independent scientific panels around the world, such as the National Radiological Protection Board, have reached the same general conclusion - that there is no established evidence of any adverse health effects from exposure to radio waves. Nice to be up to date given that the Board ceased to exist 4 years ago!

Mast Sanity calls for a full, independent, investigation into the association between the use of Tetra Airwave radios and the effects of associated radiation on the brain and its functions.

The Pro-GM science lobby group "Sense About Science" [1]  has just announced a new leaflet "Making Sense of Radiation" [2] - it appears to be a knee-jerk reaction to the recent Press coverage of the ground-breaking conference [3] held in London attended by both sides in the debate over Microwave Radiation and its health effects.

The leaflet makes sweeping claims that can not be substantiated such as "the Draper study published in 2005, found a relationship between the chances of developing leukaemia and the distance a person lived from power lines in the UK,...This does not show, however, that the pylons are causing cancer. ... The increased risk may be because the children shared some other risk factor for leukaemia perhaps due to exposure to some other environmental conditions or carcinogens. "[17], "but there is no evidence that RF radiation causes harmful non-thermal effects" [4] or "Non-ionising radiation does not have enough energy to damage or kill the cell, and so cannot cause cancer"

[new - Read Powerwatch critique of the Sense About Science leaflet here ]

Trustee Yasmin Skelt said "We at Mast Sanity believe that it is a measure of Sheer desperation on the part of the Mobile Phone Industry lobby that they have resorted to such dis-information , and clearly demonstates that they are on the run[16] The tide of Scientific studies  is so overwhelming now,  showing health effects at emission levels far below the limits currently applied in the UK."

"It is well documented that this is exactly what the tobacco industry did over the safety of tobacco and the oil industry did over global warming. The methods are the same. 'Doubt' is their product."

"However the evidence speaks for itself. Many scientists and indeed countries are now acting to issue health warnings concerning dangerous exposure to radiation emitted from mobile/wireless devices. Earlier this year 5 countries have issued warnings to their citizens of varying strengths particularly warning to restrict mobile phone use in children." [10-15]

The European Parliament is concerned about the health effects from this technology and has gone on record as such in September 2008 "[The European Parliament ] Is greatly concerned at the Bio-Initiative international report(8) concerning electromagnetic fields, which summarises over 1500 studies on that topic and which points in its conclusions to the health risks posed by emissions from mobile-telephony devices".

Many eminent scientists in Europe[8] and beyond, most of whom have done original, published, peer-reviewed research in this field of Electromagnetic radiation as part of the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS) have signed the Venice Resolution[7] stating: "We take exception to the claim of the wireless communication industry that there is no credible scientific evidence to conclude there is a risk. Recent epidemiological evidence is stronger than before, which is a further reason to justify precautions to be taken to lower exposure standards in accordance with the Precautionary Principle"

Instead of taking positive action the UK Government is further cosying up to the Mobile Phone Industry by Prime Minister Brown appointing the Vodafone chairman as his "business ambassador" [9] .

Mast Sanity, on the other hand, is completely independent. We do not sell anything, we do not gain commissions, nor do we endorse any products or treatments. We do, however, in order to provide practical help to people, provide links to sources of information about shielding and interventions which some people may find useful.

Mast Sanity is the largest group in the country campaigning for the safe siting of masts and has links with related groups globally.


Dear Delegate,

In this conference you will be tempted by wireless hand held devices that emit the same type of microwave radiation that mobile phones and mobile phone masts do.

We would like to inform you of the health risks associated with these technologies, because no one in the conference will. (We offered a speaker to go along, but he was politely declined.)

We are not against devices that send and receive their signals via cables or are signal-free.

What we are highly concerned about are the remote devices such as Wi-fi enabled laptops, blackberries, etc. which send and receive signals carried using microwave radiation.  These devices emit radiation constantly whilst they are switched on, in the same way as a mobile phone mast or mobile phone.

The resulting radiation intensity inside a classroom will be the same order of magnitude as if there were a phone mast outside the school (directed towards the school).

Not only has this technology never been proved to be safe, but there are 1000's of scientific papers pointing to serious adverse health and neurological effects as a result of exposure.

Learning occurs when brain cells are able to freely communicate with each other. Research now shows that Wi-fi signals can disrupt inter-cellular communication[1] and impede learning.

Wired and pluggable devices can be used virtually risk-free, as were demonstrated at HHL07 in the form of the digimemo USB and espresso SD Card devices.

Facts to Consider:

  • Wi-fi has never been pre-market safety tested, nor were mobile phones or other wireless devices.
  • Wireless/Mobile technologies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HSDPA, 3G etc.) all use microwave frequencies.
  • (Truly) Independent Scientific studies have consistently shown health effects from microwave emissions well below currently allowed levels[2,3,4].
  • The UK Department of Health's own advice is that "the widespread use of mobile phones by children (under the age of 16) should be discouraged for non-essential calls" [5,6].
  • It has been shown on Panorama[9] that the radiation intensity inside a classroom with 30 Wi-Fi laptops is 3 times higher than as a result of being in the main beam from a mobile phone mast antenna at a typical distance. This information has since been upheld as correct by the BBC after a complaint by the industry.
  • Wireless computers, laptops and routers constantly emit pulsed microwave radiation over (and through) students' and teachers' bodies, even when not being actively used.
  • Sir William Stewart reiterated that they (the Stewart Committee) had found evidence for genetic damage and cancer at exposures below the guidelines[5] and he is now calling for an enquiry into Wi-Fi in schools[14].
  • The German government is already advising its citizens to use wired internet connections instead of Wi-Fi, and landlines instead of mobile phones[7].
  • Executive Director of the EU's European Environment Agency said at the end of 2007 that, "it would be prudent for health authorities to recommend actions to reduce exposures, especially to vulnerable groups, such as children." The Agency called for immediate action to reduce exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi, mobile phones and their masts. It suggests that delay could lead to a health crisis similar to those caused by asbestos and smoking[8].

·          Philip Parkin, General Secretary of Teachers' Union Voice said "The proliferation of wireless networks could be having serious implications for the health of some staff and pupils without the cause being recognised." [10]


·          The Public Health Dept of the Salzburg Government has issued advice not to use WLAN (Wi-Fi) in schools and nurseries. [11]

·          The Frankfurt Local Education Authority and the Bavarian Parliament  banned wireless networks in schools [12]

·          The French National Library has dismantled Wi-Fi along with 3 other Paris libraries as their staff suffered adverse effects on installation, such as headaches, dizziness, nausea. [13]

·          The USA Progressive Librarians Guild Statement on Wi-Fi in Libraries and the Precautionary Principle - Amongst other things, they recommend adopting alternatives to wireless technology especially in children's sections of libraries. [14]

·          The Russian Health Department says children under 18 should not use mobiles at all. [15]

·          Motor and psychological functions of school children living in the area of the Skrunda Radio Location Station (RLS), using microwave signals, in Latvia - In 1999 it was reported that children living in front of the RLS had less developed memory and attention than other children [16]

·          A New report reveals severe violations of workers' rights in Asian mobile phone factories [17]

With adult and even teenage adoption of mobile phones at saturation point, children - with their less-developed and more vulnerable bodies - are being targeted by companies such as T-Mobile (who are heavily involved in HHL08) as an easy way of increasing sales and hence their revenue.

We hope that the content of this leaflet is useful and that it persuades you to put the safety of pupils and staff first and to keep all your hand held devices and networks wired.


On 8th & 9th September, the Radiation Research Trust brought together leading experts in the fields of science, politics and regulation from across the globe to debate the health effects of electromagnetic fields. This was the first time that such a conference was organised to include experts from both sides of the health debate (those that believe electromagnetic fields have negative effects on health and those that believe the opposite is true).

Entitled ‘Electromagnetic fields and health – a global issue’, the conference took place at the Royal Society, and was attended by a number of highly prominent speakers. These included speakers from world establishments such as ICNIRP, WHO, RNCNIRP and national bodies such as the UK Health Protection Agency and the MTHR. They were joined by scientists, politicians, lawyers and concerned citizens, each offering differing viewpoints in order to encourage discussion around risk assessment, precautionary measures, social policy and areas where further research is required.

The conference produced a number of informative presentations on a wide variety of issues related to electromagnetic radiation. Topics covered included the effects of mobile phone base stations, brain tumour studies, studies on electro-sensitivity and electromagnetic fields effects on animals and humans.

The conference was organised by the Radiation Research Trust with the aim of developing appropriate precautionary guidance so that policy-makers can make the best decisions about regulation and give clear and appropriate advice to the public, in particular parents, young people and those with environmental sensitivities.

Eileen O’Connor, Trustee at the Radiation Research Trust, said:

 “The conference was extremely successful in gathering some of the World’s leading speakers and organisations with expertise in electromagnetic radiation, sparking debate on public policy and the precautionary approach. Now we need to collectively agree on the way forward, filling in the gaps in scientific research and whilst doing this, looking at ways to keep the public informed of potential risks with appropriate precautionary advice.”


The RRT is producing conference proceedings which will follow later on this year. 

Also see further news and reports about the RRT Conference 

Powerwatch UK 

Please visit Powerwatch UK for an overview of the conference. 


Dr Ian Gibson, Labour MP and trustee for the Radiation Research Trust extended a warm welcome, inviting guests to join him for dinner at Westminster. Photograph taken at Westminster Monday 8th September, 2008