Almost everyone in this country will suffer to some extent from Network Rail's GSM-R masts, even if it's "only" by having a favourite view spoilt.

Network Rail justify the masts using two proven propaganda techniques:

  • Scaremongering - implying that rail passengers' lives will be put at risk if Network Rail's plans are thwarted.
  • It's all Brussels' fault - Network Rail is merely following the dictates of our European masters.

Neither of these claims is true.

Network Rail’s main weapons are stealth and fear: residents don’t get to hear of their plans until the last minute, then panic and try to pass the parcel on to some other community.

This divide and rule strategy will only work if there is no co-ordinated campaign against the whole project.

The evidence we've uncovered shows that much of Network Rail's rationale is deeply flawed.

If the public at large get to hear about what's afoot, and make their concerns known to the powers-that-be, the chances are that the whole project will be replaced by something more sensible, cheaper, and less intrusive.

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