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Please note this interview is an important break through they discussed mobile phone risk and possible interventions.

CNN LARRY KING LIVE : Dale Cochran's First Interview Since the Death of Her Husband Johnnie; Is There a Link Between Cell Phones and Cancer? Aired May 27, 2008 - 21:00 ET (09:00-10:00 GMT)

Watch the Programme here

Read the Transcript here

Watch Larry King's comments on the show

Selected quotes:

Larry King: "We know that brain tumors are the number one cancer killer among children in the United States and the second most common form of cancer in kids"

Dr. Khurana, Canberra, Australia: "First... we don't even know how we think. We don't know how we think and how processing in the brain results in appropriate speech, based on different functionalities at different locations of the brain. So we don't know how we speak yet or think. Yet we know that we do."

"And so just because we don't know the mechanism or the link between -- at a molecular level, between how cell phones may generate the milieu at a molecular level that results in a brain tumor does not mean that there is no mechanism. There's no known mechanism, but not necessarily no mechanism."

"Sedesky (ph) from Israel, the Israel arm of Interphone, this is what she says: "a positive dose response trend was found. Our results suggest an association between cellular phone use and prodded gland tumors."

"Lacola (ph) from Finland, Interphone group, "for more than 10 years, of mobile phone use reported on the side of the head where the tumor was located, an increased odds ratio of borderline statistical significance was found."

"And others have said the same thing. It's the long-term data we should be looking at."

Neurosurgeon Dr. Black: "in the developing brain, you have a lot more dividing nerve cells and supportive cells in the brain. So it's in a very dynamic state. And those cells are more vulnerable to developing cancer from an injury or other types of problems. We know from laboratory animals, for example, that, you know, the most effective way of inducing a tumor is to induce it in a young developing embryo, in a young developing animal. So those brains are much more susceptible."

Slesin of Microwave News "I'm not sure I would advocate the Bluetooth because although it's much weaker, you are putting the antenna, the transmitter right into your ear, next to your brain. We don't know about thresholds. We don't know about mechanisms. So caution should be our guide."

Larry King: "The Food and Drug Administration made recommendations about cell phone use. First, to use cell phones less often and to use land lines whenever possible. And the FDA also recommends keeping cell phones away from your head by using a speaker phone or using a head set or other connection to remote antenna. I keep coming back to it."

"It seems, Dale, that if they don't have any proof, people are at least concerned."

N.B. The American Cancer Society representative (Dr. Thun) appeared to be acting as a mouth piece for the cell phone industry with the misleading information he supplied. Dr. George Carlo, who was 'bumped' at the last minute from the programme had this to say about the American Cancer Society last year: "what people don’t know is that in 2002, scientists from the American Cancer Society testified in brain cancer litigation in Federal Court in Baltimore, Maryland on behalf of the cell phone industry. They would want you to believe that no one was paid for that testimony. However, shortly after that, a report was released by the American Cancer Society that included cells phones as one of the greatest cancer myths. So blatant was this connection between the American Cancer Society and the cell phone industry, that last year, when Sanjay Gupta of CNN ran a story about the belief of Johnnie Cochran’s surgeon that his fatal brain tumor was due to his cell phone use, the industry did not even reply in the story. Instead, they simply referred to and quoted the American Cancer Society’s report on cell phones being one of the cancer myths. Thus, they used the American Cancer Society paper as a public relations shield."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Statement from Dr. George Carlo [ "bumped" from the Larry King show at the last minute]

Chairman, Science and Public Policy Institute


  • Two years ago, I was asked by the Cochran Law Firm to review the records associated with Johnnie Cochran’s brain tumor. Based on that review, it remains my professional opinion that his tumor was caused by his cell phone use.
  • Key points leading to that conclusion:


    • There are more than forty epidemiological studies of people, yielding more than three hundred instances of statistically significant increases in tumor risk associated with cell phone use; there are six such instances showing a definitive absence of risk.
    • Systematic weaknesses in the published studies, although showing 200 to 500 percent increases in risk, indicate that these are underestimates of the true brain cancer risk from cell phones.
    • Research has identified pathological mechanisms through which cell phone radiation can cause tumors, thus providing biological plausibility to support the statistical correlations.
    • Clinical data on people suffering from other electromagnetic radiation-related conditions ranging from electro-hypersensitivity to Autism provide further evidence of the pathological mechanisms related to cell phone use.